About The Show

When Tim Helsing’s destiny slapped him right in the teeth, and he found himself with no choice but to fall into battle with a legion of vampires, zombies and… weresheep, it wasn’t long before a blood thirsty camera crew started documenting his every move.

Together, with morally bankrupt filmmaker Richard Timmons, sidekick Poncho and love of his life / much more sensible partner Anna, Tim dives headfirst into the nightmare world of a professional monster hunter.

Basically, imagine if Buffy was an out of shape ginger bloke from Northern England.

I AM TIM is a fake documentary filled with fake characters and even more fake blood and guts. It uses old school, practical special effects inspired by such films as THE EVIL DEAD and BAD TASTE, splattering the screen with as much red stuff as we can afford.


"The show is one of the best overall web series out there"

Snobby Robot


“I Am Tim keeps the twists and turns coming whilst keeping its tongue firmly lodged inside its cheek”

Starburst Magazine


“I Am Tim balances this idea of normal horror with a jet black sense of humour and a very, very welcome sense of the ridiculous”

SFX Magazine